Transcription Services

We have an elite team of experienced transcribers/content writers. Ours is a small team compared to that of a purely transcription services company, and the reason must be obvious from the first sentence.The LearnerSoft team does not have a complex hierarchy of positions with people having varying levels of expertise filling positions of trainee transcribers, transcribers, editors, proofreaders/QC, etc., as in a transcription company. Ours is a lean, compact, and highly efficient team, all members of which are equally capable of
performing as highly experienced transcribers. We believe it is evident from this description how quality can be a prime differentiator of our services in comparison to those delivered by others.

We would welcome requests from those who value quality and are willing to compensate enough for that premium factor. Owing to the nature of the focus and preferences of our team we may not be able to fulfill your needs with the whole spectrum of transcription services. But please don’t hesitate to contact us on account of this statement.

Ideally, we would prefer corporate interviews, presentations, webinars, investor meetings, and academic and entertainment media that preserve good recording standards. The list you find below is not an all-inclusive one. Feel free to talk to us about the nature of your requirement.

Medical transcription
Business transcription
Legal transcription
General transcription

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