Business Transcription

A highly experienced team of business transcribers/editors add diversity to our transcriptiondivision.
We can turn around good quality transcripts and event briefs (if you have such requirements) of conference
calls and other corporate events.

Our associates are well aware of the fact that some of the information they come across during their job are highly
sensitive and they are committed to giving due respect and care to such information. We follow all the various
laws and industry best practices in this regard.

Members of our transcription team work under strictly maintained guidelines on security and they adhere to
non-disclosure agreements that are tailored to the unique needs of the respective type of content. This means the
agreement that he/she signs will be different depending upon the type of content they work on.

Our IT security framework is as best as that of any of our peers and are dedicated to implementing even more
sophisticated solutions and measures as they become available.

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